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To Order, Fresh, Gourmet, Customized, Paleo Meal Plans  Please Contact Customer [email protected] 720-936-7522 or [email protected]

Caveman Chefs Paleo Food Tasting

Customer Service/Jake Games +1 (720) 936-7522
Chef/Owner David Kenney +1 (786) 473-7576
Chef/Owner Edward Coulombe +1 (860) 908-9131
Operations Manager/Owner Zach Kopp +1 (720) 376-9113

We at CavemanChefs are devoted to bringing food back to its roots. We are changing the way we eat so we can be healthy in our minds, our bodies, & maintain a healthy planet. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list below to support our team and vision. Thanks again for being a fan of CavemanChefs: Evolving Cuisine!


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